Presentazione powerpoint efficace

You have set an important meeting.
You have to present a project, visualize the results of a research, communicate a strategy to your team.
What you need is a PowerPoint presentation that is beautiful aesthetically, engaging and effective.
Here are five tips to make it better.


Prepare a short and simple list of topics you want to talk about.
A presentation is a storytelling exercise and, as such, is divided into three main moments: beginning, development, ending.
It is the best way to identify the important topics and be sure that they will then be enhanced in the presentation.

presentazione in powerpoint con video


Reduce the text to the minimum necessary.
The slides are not the presentation: they serve to illustrate it visually.
They must emphasize and reinforce what you are saying. If you focus too much on texts, you risk to confuse your audience.
The perfect presentation is the one that maintains the right balance between the speaker’s words and what is displayed on the screen.
Choose captivating images, with good resolution and use impact titles, written with a simple, clean and large font.

slide in powerpoint


Proceed one step at a time: what you say must correspond to what appears on the screen.
If you anticipate all the themes of the presentation in a single slide, your audience will be waiting for the following topics, paying less attention to the rest of the speech or, worse, starting to form an idea that will compromise the reception of your messages.
Declare the main topic and then show the presentation points in order and simplicity.


Do not scrimp: insert all the necessary slides so that they highlight the important points of your speech in the best possible way.
Grouping multiple concepts and themes in a single slide will only cause confusion and lose the thread of the speech, forcing your audience to linger too long on what you have written or stop following the presentation on screen.

coinvolgi la tua audience


To get a convincing storytelling it is important that there is a good continuity between your speech and the presentation on the screen.
Test your speech aloud, looking at the screen, paying attention to the moments when you have to move to the next slide:
mark the words that will match the click to go forward. The flow and the rhythm of information are fundamental.

Did you follow the five tips?
Now it’s our turn.
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